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Mail: info@flixtonswimteam.co.uk © Flixton Swim Team FLIXTON SWIM TEAM About Us

We are a swimming club based at Urmston Leisure Centre in Trafford, Greater Manchester. We aim to provide an outstanding level of coaching which offers genuine challenge to every swimmer, help every swimmer to achieve their full potential and also offers a strong social experience.

We are a Swim 21 Accredited club.

Flixton Swim Team is a true development club. Sitting in the heart of the community, providing a quality experience for our swimmers. We have the desire to build the core of the club, focusing on developing swimmers, getting more swimmers in the water, building and engendering a life-long love of the sport.

There are a number of objectives that we'd like to achieve over the next year:

This will enable more opportunities to our swimmers and a better team spirit