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Annual Awards 2013

Congratulations to all swimmers who received an award this year.

Please click here for a list of all our award winners.

Team Gala Grand Final

Hooray we WON the GRAND FINAL  of the team gala.

We have had great support from all the swimmers in the club this year and most children have had and gained a great deal of experience from competing in theses galas. We were so close to winning the league out right coming joint first in a couple of our meets and first in others. As a team you all performed superbly.
Congratulations to all swimmers that took part in the final and also in the team galas throughout the year, you have done your team proud.

Thomas Smith

Thomas has central core disease, muscular dystrophy and scoliosis. He attends St Hugh of Lincoln school. His disability never stops him from joining in with any sports or physical activity. This year he has taken part in all five Trafford inclusion festivals even though this means him being the only pupil from his school attending when others come as part of a whole class. He always gives 110% and was selected to attend the Playground to podium programme where he was identified as being talented in swimming. He has since joined Flixton swimming club. He went on to represent Trafford and win medals at this years Sainsbury’s School Games. I am sure you will agree a fantastic achievement for someone completely new to the Sport.

Tom has been invited to as a winner of the local Awards go forward to represent Trafford at the Greater Manchester Awards to be held at ‘The Point’ Lancashire County Cricket Club on 8th November. We are all so proud of Tom.

Kit Bags and Poolside Discipline

The coaches would like to ask all swimmers who have kit bags to take them in to the changing rooms with them and not to leave them with their parents for collection before they swim.
Swimmers are not allowed to walk around the small pool due to there being no lifeguard or it is being used for lessons; this has become a concern from the centre management.
When swimmers leave their bags with their parents in means they are walking around the pool distracting swimmers in the water and getting in the way of coaches and swimmer in the current session.
The coaches would ask that swimmers are on poolside no more than 10 minutes before their session as poolside can become quite congested at times. Swimmers should walk onto poolside and place kit and themselves by the windows at the far end or where the coach directs them (if working at shallow end) and await their session.
At the end of each session swimmers are not to go round to parents for keys etc; parents can meet their children in the changing rooms and take kit bags away with them.
Lateness - sometimes sessions start a few minutes later than planned (set up etc); if a swimmer is more than 5 minutes late for warm up we may refuse entry in to the pool for their swim, unless there is a good enough excuse and the parent signals this on poolside. Too many swimmers are arriving well before their sessions but still the last ones out up to 10 minutes late. We all understand about traffic and other issues that can make us late but hanging around in the changing rooms will not be tolerated. If you arrive late for a session please get your parent to explain to the coach and get onto poolside as quickly as you can.

Swim 21 Accreditation

We have been awarded the ASA’s quality mark called Swim 21. Many thanks go to Eileen Barnes for all her hard work.

Drinks Bottles

A number of minor accidents have occurred recently as a result of the screw tops from plastic drinks bottles being dropped on the pool side. It may have happened to you! The Centre Management have, therefore, asked us to exclude all bottles other than Sports Bottles from the poolside and we have agreed to co-operate with this. In other words, plastic bottles sports bottles are allowed, and screw top bottles, flip top bottles and bottles with clear removable tops are not allowed.

This applies equally to helpers, lifeguards and coaches and includes events such as galas and other meets. Please ask if you are unsure.

Open Water Swimming

Thank you to to all the swimmers who turned up for open water this year, everybody really enjoyed it and we have had a few first timers join in as well. Many thanks to the swimmers, parents, Uswim, Matthew, Lucy and Joel for making it such a success. Next year we hope to have even more swimmers joining in. Also well done to the swimmers who took part in the 800m race on Saturday 24th August. Flixton Swim Team came first second and third. Great result.